Chemanol Downstream Industries

A Chemanol and GDI joint venture


  • The company is going through a transformation plan towards becoming a National Specialty Chemicals Champion building on its strong regional and international market position.

  • Chemanol’s transformation roadmap follows a phased investment program that includes:

    • Strengthening its existing core assets via improvements and efficiency programs.
    • Executing its organic growth projects with strategic partners.
    • Implementing its Inorganic growth plans via strategic M&A opportunities.

GDI… Expanding Downstream Portfolio

  • Global Company for Downstream Industries (GDI) is a leading company in developing and investing in downstream petrochemicals and specialty chemicals projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • GDI’s portfolio includes investments in the local production of specialty chemicals, additives, and fine chemicals that enables the specialty sector in the Kingdom.
  • GDI’s mission is to diversify the local chemical and petrochemical portfolio by creating sustainable and profitable businesses contributing to the kingdom’s industrialization strategies through vision 2030.
Chemanol and GDI plan to develop and build a world-class Blue Methanol & downstream speciality chemicals complexes in-line with KSA’s net zero goals in phased manner. This will uniquely contribute to the Kingdom’s economic development, as well as provide security of supply to certain products of strategic importance to a variety of industries (O&G, nutrition, advanced material, pharmaceutical, carbon capture)
The company
Chemanol Downstream Industries (CDI) is a Joint venture established in 2023 by Chemanol and GDI to develop and invest in specialty chemicals projects in the Kingdom via two main phases for investment: Phase 1: Blue Methanol & Specialty Products Phase 2: Reaching globally competitive capacities and building on the concept proved in phase I. Mega Blue Methanol & Specialty Products.

Meet Our Manamgent Team

Akram Al-Rabayah
Akram Al-RabayahManaging Director
30 years experience in energy/PPP business
Leading multiple energy and investment entities

M.S Mech. Engineering, and B.S. in system Engineering KFUPM, KSA.

Abdulaziz Al-Daabash
Abdulaziz Al-DaabashChief Development Officer
15 years experience in Petrochemicals Business, Innovation & Business Development and Technology Ventures.

M.S. Chem. Engineering, University of Houston, USA.
B.S Chem. Engineering Texas A&M, USA

Syed Sohaib
Syed SohaibFinancial Leader
17 years experience in Finance, financial analysis and reporting.

B.S. Business Administration, university of Karachi, PA

Projects at Glance

Projects Portfolio & Industries

Products Portfolio

Applications and Enabled Industries

Building Block
  • Blue Methanol
Downstream Products (Phase 1)
  • Aromatic Solvents
  • Choline Chloride
  • NMP
  • Chlorine Derivatives
  • DMS
  • DMDS
  • MDEA
  • PAO
Building Block
  • Mega-Blue Methanol
Downstream Products (Phase 2)
  • Under Development